White Goods Collections

White Goods!! Do you know it is a term used in the pool industry for all the white plastic parts and doo-dads that are used on some equipment? These items could be called China Goods, since most plastic goods are now manufactured overseas.  For pool conditions



to be ideal, the water require to be filtered, chemically treated and warm correctly. To achieve this, COREXPOOL flow fittings can be placed so the water is taken in through the skimmers and main drains, and returned as filtered, chemically treated and warm water through the return inlets. Excellence in white goods Pool Services provider company is the biggest importers & wholesalers of high quality swimming pool white goods for residential & commercial use. we have in ready stock Pentair USA, Astral Spain, Laswim China & other well. Before buying everyone must knows that  

Why should the choice of white goods be important? 

In swimming pool White goods allow water to be circulated and they are also used for pool lighting. So it’s is very important to know each and every things about the pools equipment and accessories services.

Our online pool services store the best services provider company have main drain 2, 3 and 4 inch, main drain jali, gutter drains, standard and wide mouth skimmers, skimmer baskets & accessories, vacuum points, suction inlet points, return inlet points, wall fittings/inlets, overflow grating. If you want to get more information please contact us for our Pool products for swimming white goods and fiber optics for details in Pakistan. For getting more information below is a list of different goods categories of items that you might find on our standard pool services company.

Return Wall Inlet Thread 2"

Suction Vaccume Thread 2"

Return Wall Inlets Glue 63MM

Floats - Racing Line

Suction Vaccume Glue

Inllet Point 1.5”

Vacuum Point 1.5”

Cover Of Suction Fitting

Wall Conduit Thread 2”

Wide Mouth Skimmer (17 LTR Skimmer)

Wide Mouth Skimmer (17 LTR Skimmer)

Wide Mouth Skimmer (17 LTR Skimmer)

StanDdard Skimmer

Round Main Drain Cover

Square Main Drain

Gutter Drain

Main Drain

Commercial Main Drain

Commercial Main Drain

Deck Greatings