Underwater Lights Collections

COREXPOOL provide you very good quality and best underwater Pool lights In Pakistan collection.

Underwater lights are placed under water in order to get a special

look for swimming pools Cleaning services in Pakistan. All these lights are specified with the lights that are given by the customers. Underwater lights are placed to attract the attention of the people. At we import all kinds of lights that are mostly used by our customers. In Pakistan we provide the products of lights on a large scale to the marketers and have a good demand in the market.

In Pakistan we are the best suppliers of high quality Swimming Pool Underwater Lights. These best quality lights by our pools services provider are wall hanging and hang on the wall of your Swimming Pool. These swimming pools lights illuminate the Pools Water and water features at night and add to the beauty of your swimming pools. These beautiful lights also assist the swimmers by providing sufficient light at night to swim underwater. There are many types and kind of pool light we can provide, such as given below:


  1. Helogen lights
  2. Helogen lights ll
  3. Led Lights
  4. Led Light ll


  1. SMD Lights
  2. SMD Lights ll
  3. SMD Light lll
  4.  Beam Lights
  5. Deck Box Transfarmer

For getting under water pool services you must know that:

Is your underwater light in your pool safe?

Has it been installed properly and following code? is importing the best quality underwater lights which are sold at highly competitive prices. These underwater lights are waterproof and easy to install and are highly appreciated for its long service life. In this situation just pick up the call at 03009646567 and get our best guideline and free consultation for water feature services in Pakistan.

Helogen Lights

Helogen Lights II

Led Lights

Deck Box - Transfarmer

LED Lights II

Beam Lights

SMD Lights

SMD Lights II

SMD Lights III