Pool Cleaning Services

Having a beautiful pool is great fun. This free time activity provides a place to cool off in the heat of the summer. It is a place where you can gather friends, neighbors together for a barbeque and a swim. Without frequent pool cleaning services and pool chemicals, everyone who swims may be at risk for infections that are often associated with

pools. So it’s a Good news If you own a pool, then you know there aren’t many things better than cooling off in it after a long or hot day. So you must know that keeping your pool clean is not an easy job. It is not only a time consuming task but also it requires some knowledge to keep it running smoothly and keep your water crystal clear. In addition to this whether you are short on time to maintain your pool on an ongoing basis or you need a one-time pool cleaning, we have put together a list of the best pool cleaning services for you as given below:


  1. Water testing
  2. Pool shocking
  3. Water balance
  4. Sanitize
  5. Empty baskets
  6. Brush pool
  7. Filter cleaning
  8. Skim pool surface
  9. Vacuum pool
  10. Salt cell maintenance


All the swimming pool cleaning services are very important to keep a swimming pool clean so that the water will stay clear and beautiful. In this way no organisms can grow in water and make the side tiles or floor of the pool slimy. By hiring our best pool cleaning services Provider Company to do the dirty work, you can be free to simply relax and enjoy your pool. For our best and professional pool chemical and cleaning services from a company in Pakistan you can trust, contact us Pool Chemical Co. at 03009646567 today.


Vacuum Head (CX-T70)

Aluminium Vacuum Head (CX-T256)

Vacuuu Head With Brush (CX-T149D)

Ozone Generator

Deluxe Wall Brush (CX-T51D)

Leaf Skimmer (CX-T56D)

Aluminium Telescopic Handle (CX-T84D)

Stainless Steel Brush (CX-T133)

PH & CL Test Kit (CX-T458)

Nylon Bristle Wall Brush (CX-T286D)

Test Kit Refill (CX-T88)

Leaf Rake (CX-T55D)

Sprial Wound Vacuum Hose (CX-T134D)